Access to depends on how you swim… with a club, with a personal trainer, or on your own. Clubs have members with the following roles:

    - Team Managers
    - Coach/ Trainers
    - Swimmers

Team Managers control team information -- add, edit, or delete team members, set team member roles, and set the status of team members. Coaches control all team workouts for adding workouts, editing workouts, and deleting workouts. Online coaches can record workouts and broadcast training information and swimmers can communicate back what they accomplished. Swimmers control any workout that they create. Swimmers are able to view all team workouts and acknowledge that they swam that workout. Swimmers are able to copy and personalize another workout. For example, if the swimmer swims a modified version of the coach’s prescribed workout, copy and edit the workout, then acknowledge the swim.

A team member can be any one or all of the above roles.

Although this site is set up for teams and individuals around the world, team members may only view and control team specific information. Individual swimmers who are not part of a team will access and control personal workouts only.